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What is Happy Hooves?
Contemporary clinical research shows that the close proximity to horses and donkeys changes a humans brain wave patterns suggesting that humans can be transformed in a very positive way when in their presence.
Welcome to Happy Hooves Experience.
You are in safe hands with fully trained and equine experienced facilitators-Judy and John Wright. Our aim is to improve the lives of every person who engages with our beautiful equines. We offer equine educational programs, one-on-one specialised programs to suit each clients needs. Judy and John have over 25 combined years of experience and qualifications in: Australian Equine Facilitated Learning (AEFL) Facilitator, Level 2 First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, National Police Checks, Working with Children Check and Fully Insured through 'Affinity Equine Insurance' for piece of mind. Safety is our priority. Check out our bio's for more information about us.
Donkey Assisted Learning:
Donkey Assisted Learning is for those children/adults living with autism (and other disabilities). This program is structured to improve an individuals daily life by engaging in a closely supervised groundwork and working towards potentially riding sessions t\which may improve; communication, balance, confidence, self esteem, reducing aggressive behaviours and may instill a reduction of 'stimming' and repetitive patterns of behaviours in some clients. With the help of our donkeys, their slow and calming presence, can show an improvement in a clients behaviours and communication with others. Autism and donkeys work in such a way that the donkey can improve the clients social and sensory sensitivities behaviours and may also improve non verbal communication. Donkeys have the intelligence to understand a non verbal person and can respond to their body language in a gentle way which offers comfort and love.
Positive Experience Program
This well-being program is designed to educate the community of the donkeys, having fun, learning about their history and personalities, These interactions have proven to; lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, building self-confidence, emotional connection and many other benefits for people from all walks of life, ages and abilities. We offer hand on handling and riding experiences with both our donkeys (weight restrictions apply) and our horse Mr Mo.
Our donkeys have a calming presence about them which allows them to reflect their positive energy directly onto everyone around them....they are quiet infectious. So we are all about FUN!
Mo loves people, he especially loves to teach people who are nervous, that his large size is nothing to be scared of. He has taught inexperienced people to learn how to ride, balance and build their confidence to the point they are lifting his feet with no effort and no concerns.
So why not come along and meet the 'staff'. We have five beautiful donkeys -Plonka, Wonka, Forrest, Donnie, Jindi and a horse Mr Mo!
Prominently, the 'Happy Hooves' family works weekend by prior arrangement. Rates are affordable and no higher than the current NDIA rate of service.

We come to you!
As Happy Hooves Experience is a mobile business with the ability that we can come to you!
Happy Hooves Experience can attend private individuals homes for those who may have difficulties with mobility and organisations properties; riding centers, disability respite/aged care homes.
Consideration of travelling longer distances is by consultation prior to ensure the animals welfare is paramount!
Kind words
"Hi Happy Hooves! I met you and your beautiful boys and lady lab on Sunday at the Camp Quality Mini Camp. From all reports it was a fantastic day. My little guy, Henry, thought the donkeys were awesome and he is still laughing about the dog who thinks she’s a donkey. I really think that was the highlight of his day; he has told everyone. Its lovely to hear him really laugh, so a big thank you 😊🌈 Anyway, thanks so much. I can tell from the kind of people you are you do marvelous work." 💜 - Vaneta, Victoria
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