About Happy Hooves Experience
Happy Hooves Experience is a therapeutic wellbeing program aimed at people from all walks of life including carers of family members or clients. Our miniature donkeys and horse are the ‘therapist’ and the 'teachers'.  We offer a hands-on positive & empowering experience with the difference of a range of difference sized donkeys and a horse- Mr Mo.
Staff and family members are amazed by the interactions and the smiles on the faces of the participants. We aim to achieve an uplifting interactions which may provide to an individual: kindness, empowerment, self-esteem and self-worth, focus, trust and unconditional love to all of those whom come into contact with our animals. These experiences can in some cases be life changing to some and give hope or purpose to others.
Donkey Facilitated Learning- what is it and what are the benefits?
Happy Hooves offers donkeys as an unique alternative to horses as the usual equine utilised in Australia for equine related therapies. Donkey Facilitated Learning can help with the development of critical life skills, such as managing emotions in vulnerable children and adults. The sessions use a calm and mindful approach to bring people and donkeys together, and provide opportunities for emotional connection, social interaction, communication and confidence building. As social creatures donkeys are very aware of their environment and the people within it. I have witnessed sessions where people that may struggle to communicate or connect emotionally with another human somehow seem to be able to connect with our donkeys.
During a session with our miniature donkeys – The Donkey Experience, a group of client’s will benefit from stroking, brushing, and walking with them, cuddles with lots of kisses!!!! The facilitator will talk to the groups about the lives of a miniature donkey, history and the personalities of Plonka and Wonka – the A Team!